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WELCOME to the 2014 WTMVC Club Season!  Introducing WTMVC/ASC volleyball camp.


Session 2 July 21st - 25th, 2014

Camp instructed by WTMVC coaches and located at ASC. For more details contact Tyler at ASC or click on the camps and clinics tab above.


Coming soon: WTMVC High School Clinic. August 8th 2014 from 7-9PM @ASC.


Congratulation's to our 15 National Team

for winning the AZ Finals Gold Medal in Championship Division! 

We are so proud of your hardwork!


AZ Finals GOLD Champions--WTMVC 15 National Team




So-Cal Silver Bracket Champions...

WTMVC 15 National Team!



So-Cal Silver Bracket Champions...

WTMVC 16 Open Team!



Congrat's to the WTMVC 16 Open & 15 National Teams for their 9th Place Finish out of 124 teams!

We are so PROUD of your 10-1 records and

your accomplishments at So-Cal!!



WTMVC 18O, 17N, 16N, & 15N teams enjoy

a trip to the So-Cal Tourney and the Beach!!!



17N Finished 32nd Seed                                        16N Finished 88th Seed



18 Open Finished 35th Seed                                           15N Finished 9th Seed 


Congrat's to all of our WTMVC National/ Open Teams for their accomplishments in their AZ Regional Championships &

AZ Finals!


*18 Open--Finals

Finished in Bronze Div. in 18's Open at

13th Seed

AZ Finals Open Division Finish--3rd Place


*17 National--Finals

Finished in Bronze Div. in 17's Championship at 11th Seed

AZ Finals Open Division Finish-- 11th Place



*16 Open--Finals

Finished in Silver Div.

in 16's Open at

12th Seed

AZ Finals Open Division Finish--9th Place


*16 National--Finals

Finished in Bronze Div. in 16's Championship at 22nd Seed

AZ Finals Champion Division Finish--7th Place


*15 National--Finals

Finished in Gold Div. in 16's Championship at

7th Seed

AZ Finals Champion Division Finish--1st Place


*14 National--Finals

14 Championship--Seeded 34th Place

AZ Finals Champion Division Finish--

15th Place


Congrat's to our WTMVC Club teams for their success in Club Tournaments with the AZ Region Championships &

AZ Finals!


*16 Regional --Finals

Finished in Sliver Div. in 16's Club at 11th Seed

AZ Finals Champion Division Finish--

18th Place


*15 Regional--Finals

Finished in Gold Div. in 16's Club at 5th Seed


*14 Regional--Finals

2nd Place in Flight 2

14 Club A--Seeded 62nd Place


*13 Regional-- Finals

2nd Place in Bronze

14 Club AAA--Seeded 118th Place


*12 Regional--Finals

Finished in Bronze Div. in 12's Club at

13th Seed

AZ Finals 12's Club Division Finish--

5th Place



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E-mail us at:

Call Jen Weeg at 623-850-2088

Our Mission: To help our members maximize their athletic potential while developing life skills and life-long friendships through volleyball.

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WTMVC Festival Results:


We Are So Proud of all of our WTMVC Teams and their hardwork at Volleyball Festival!!


12 Festival-- 16th Place

13 Festival--56th Place

14 Festival 114th Place

14 National--53rd Place

15 National--26th Place 15/16 Festival--64th Place 16 National--46th Place

17 National--28th Place

16 Open--6th Place

18 Open--17th Place


Congratulation's to our own WTMVC 14N Player, Savannah Hayes for being award the Junior Referee Award by the AZ Region & USAV for her outstanding commitment at refereeing matches!




Congrat's to our first WTMVC 2014 Lil/ Jr. Volleys as they completed their first Volleyball Season!


WTMVC Volleyball

Fall Skills Clinic

Starts August 3rd, 2014 Click on the Camps/Clinics tabs above to find out more!




Coaches Wanted for the 2015 Club Season!!


Are you interested in Coaching Volleyball & helping girls' skill sets!


Coaches Needed for: **Open Teams

** Championship Teams **Regional Teams


Contact us for more information on coaching for WTMVC!! Call Jen at 623-850-2088 or email us at



Are you looking for Individual or Semi-Individiual skill Coaching?? Contact us at

to get more info on

personal training from

one of our WTMVC coaches.



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Congratulations to our WTMVC 13 R Player,

Hallie Haymes!!


Rox Player Spotlight:



At only 12 years old, Hallie Haymes is one amazing kid and she’s just getting started! This volleyball athlete is from Phoenix, AZ and plays on 13R White Tanks Volleyball Club team. She started playing volleyball only 1 year ago. As an avid soccer player, Hallie wanted a new challenge and she turned to volleyball. She raves about how much she loves the team aspect of the sport and the intense volleyball matches she’s been apart of. This 5’ 2” libero is a total roxstar!
Hallie was chosen not only because of her extraordinary digs but simply because of her incredible character. She has won “Character of the Month” award, “Friendliest” award and is even a “Garbage Picker-upper” award. Did you even know that award existed, because we didn’t!
One thing that really caught our eye about this volleyball fantatic is that she is an advocate for special needs kids at her school. Hallie really shows the meaning of leading by example. After she runs her mile in P.E. she doesn’t stop like all the other kids do. She puts her volleyball endurance into action and continues to keep running to catch up to one of the special needs kids. She does this to help to encourage them to finish their required mile for P.E. class. Yup, she blew our minds away too!
Congratulations Hallie, we’re excited to feature you as the Rox Volleyball Player Spotlight for Volleyball Festival’s Festival Fiesta Classic.

Article Written & Provided by: Rox Volleyball